Creating the Perfect Backlink – PageRank

Creating the Perfect Backlink – PageRank

PageRank works by counting the number and quality of links to a page to determine a rough estimate of how important the website is. The underlying assumption is that more important websites are likely to receive more links from other websites.“

Guest blogs are a must for any page wanting to do well. With Google changing its PageRank system by disallowing paid for or pre set links, companies now have no other choice but to turn to blogging or external promotion pieces.

This isn’t entirely bad news though. Blogging is a free medium that allows for advertisment, education and now stronger SEO so it’s all becoming relative.

How do you begin writing the perfect blog though, and how do you get it on someone elses website?

Well even if you are new to the blogging world, many other people aren’t and they also understand the importance of having links and good content on their site. Begin by going through Google and finding blogs in which you would like to be promoted on.

1. Make sure the page is professional and with good content.
2. Look for a Google Page Rank Tool
3. Optimal PageRank should be 3.
4. Check if you can write equal content
5. Email website

These are simple steps but you must look at PageRank. This defines how well your link will be scored. Due to Google changes the source linking to your page must be relevant and non spam. Pages ranking over 3 are generally in the clear and will be classed as a reliable’ish’ link. The higher the PageRank the better.

Once you have created your guest article make sure there are no spelling mistakes. Then manually add your link to the article.


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If your article requires a link from a source you do not deem approriate or strong enough to benefit your rank then you can apply a „nofollow“ rule, which disables the said link from being crawled by bots. If this is the case then think twice before using the link, and if you must use it then apply nofollow. Googlebot will not crawl this link.


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When sending articles to authors it is recommended to create your own links and have them written as above. If you know more HTML then input it directly into your article. This is the same for pictures etc. This not only saves the publisher time but allows you to be in complete control over your article.

Most publishers do no want links in the main body of the text. The primary reason being it drives users away from the site they are on.

The optimal use of a link is in the author byline. This is a short statement written by the author, crediting their work and inputting a backlink for SEO purposes. This is extremely common practice. So if you are a company do not feel afriad to drop your link in here.

At the beginning you will have to email many blogs or sign up for services such as My Blog Guest a content sharing platform designed by bloggers for bloggers. It really is a great service.

I would still apply to blogs through your personal email, and find the sites that you really want to feature on, after all it’s still your writing, you do have a choice. If your article is well written it may well get on one of the best blogging sites in the world.

It’s a hard process getting optimal backlinks. Unless you know people with good websites who would be willing to help with links and a bit of content then this really is your only way (or by creating an amazing news story).

Good luck and I hope your page ranks.

Rob Walker