Engage Your Customers – Words Matter

Engage Your Customers – Words Matter

As a media manager you have to know how to represent your company. The words you say represent the strongest impression of your company for your customers. They don’t know you as a company, or as an individual. Your words are their image.

Now this may seem like a basic concept, but I was reading a small piece regarding Twitter and how to engage with audiences better. This piece of writing advised people to stay away from companies if they are looking for strong interaction. Something I must say I agree with. When looking through Twitter I generally tend to steer away from companies. Influential companies within our industry will be followed, but anything outside of affiliate/blogging or an interesting idea or concept that may work well with YieldKit will be left out.


My thoughts came back to this very question. Yesterday the answer came to me after I was engaging in a Twitter chat #MyBlogGuest – an incredible Tweet chat for bloggers and site owners, especially those interested in SEO (which you ALL should be) I do this Tweet chat on @YieldKit as well as my private @RobobWalker.

This Tweet chat normally holds 20 key talkers and a multitude of re-tweeters along side the end of discussion engagers. One key point struck me yesterday after the Tweet chat. Out of the possible 50 people watching the chat, only one other participant was representing his or her company, and this person was the creator of the hashtag! Every other participant was talking for him/herself on their personal accounts. Now some of these people are individual bloggers, affiliates or freelancers, but I can be sure that some of them did work for companies in this exact field.

For me a company has to do what it says. Many times when looking over social media I see company engagement or awareness of their field to be incredibly low. Many times I see Facebook pages posting some ‚ok’ information, but nothing that is really leading the way, or increasing awareness for their brand in that said field. Links and images are predominantly placed their for just show. For some interaction. Hardly ever do we get hard hitting, leading information.

YieldKit is an affiliate marketing company. When I hear the word ‚affiliate’ I think more than advertisements. I think websites, graphic design, strong SEO, planning and management, brand co-operation, social media and sharing. Just from one word we have conjured many ideas that are KEY to being an affiliate. So this is what I do….I engage in ALL of those fields.

Your company should be showing customers every aspect of your product or service. Not just the basic idea.

I engage YieldKit in every form of strong interaction I can find. This could be group chats on LinkedIn and always referring back to my blog or starting the article with ‚From YieldKit’. I am not afraid to join in a Tweet chat and post/RT heavily for one hour in fear of losing a couple of followers who may think I’m spamming (this happened yesterday, I lost 4 followers in 30 minutes). * Quick note – I posted here saying how too much tweeting can be an annoyance, but in this case the value of my tweets were much higher.

If these followers thought I was spamming them with un-needed content regarding Google publisher rules, then they clearly did not need YieldKit. However the rest of our followers will have seen a strong and true impression about how we value our work at YieldKit. I want our brand to be a leader. A thought leader, a market leader and an educator. Not just a tool.

Why do I want this?

Well YieldKit wants to give the most back to its customers. We don’t only want you to make money from your site, we want to help your site grow, get bigger, get well known, and push what can be achieved. If this means informing 1400 people about Google author ruling for the sake of 4 followers, then it will be done.  If I’m going to make an individual blogger increase his monthly revenue from $25 per/month to $100 per/month than I will try my hardest to do so.

Many times companies use their brand image solely for their product, they are afraid to go that step further. Strong ideas portray a strong brand, a brand in the know, a brand currently doing, engaging, and teaching. We don’t have to do this, we could be like every other company out there (the ones you don’t follow on Twitter) but we aren’t, and even better for you, we are here to stay this way.

Just think, is your company going that extra mile to help the most important people in the world – your customers?

Many thanks,

Rob Walker