YieldKit For Publishers At Christmas

Publishers And The Christmas Season.

If you are a publisher and are interested in an added content monetization solution then YieldKit is the tool for you. Maybe you can help people and yourself this Christmas.

With December approaching many shoppers are looking for the perfect gifts. Sometimes finding those gifts can be harder than you first imagined. Affiliate links can be a great source for your users to find those hidden gems, and at a great price!

I dont know how many of you out there struggle at this time of year, but for me it can be a nightmare trying to select the right gifts. Often enough I’m sat there, looking through Google and I don’t even know where to begin. Last year I realised affiliate links are a good source for deals. Why pay full whack when these links generally offer you better than normal prices?

As a publisher, think of your user needs.

If you install YieldKit onto your site you have the option of installing both of our tools, YieldLink and YieldWord. Both services give publishers the chance to link links, or product mentions to affiliate links which then guide the user to a trusted source of purchase. Perfect for Christmas time.

YieldKit can be ran along side other affiliate campaigns, such as image based CPC models. Our service is built into text, and offers your users subtle links to exact product matches. If you know your girlfriends favourite website you could go on, see what products they talk about, and get direct affiliated links to advertisers, offering you great deals on selected products – from a users point of view as a publisher that is amazing, as you have helped him/her select the perfect gift.

Think about the added value you are giving to your customers, along side the bonus of earning money yourself just from helping people.

Our tools can be installed over many different platforms, so if your a big publisher dont be afraid that we wont work. Our API always integrates.

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Websites
  • Community Discussions

YieldKit integrates so well into these platforms. When users post new and interesting content on a forum for example, the key words they use can be turned into links, giving your users great linking to selected products.

Imagine you are a computer hardware forum. Posts are cropping up daily regarding the newest Processors or Hard Drives. When these products are mentioned our tools will link your users to them. There is no time spent looking around Google, and in the world of today, time is a commodity that not many people have.

In the past affiliate links were obtrusive and un-needed. YieldKit’s tools are changing this, and link to exact products when reffered to in text. We are constantly updating our system and integrating new algorythms to increase this performance.

Start making money on your website throughout the festive season, it benefits both Publishers and Users.

Many thanks,

YieldKit Team