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Todays guest blog post is written by Amit Mehta from Boost Affiliate.

I started as an affiliate back in 2005. I still remember it, I had a $5 daily budget on my adwords account and was direct linking to the merchant (no landing page!). When I made my first sale, I gotta tell you, I was EXCITED.

Fast forward to 2012, 7 years later, I’m no longer an affiliate, instead I have my own affiliates, and now regularly spend $5,000-$7,000 a day on Adwords just promoting my own products.

It’s been an AMAZING journey, with many ups and downs (almost went bust a few times).

I want to talk a little about what I learned during this journey and share a few nuggets of wisdom from the school of hard knocks.

Lesson #1: Persistent & Consistent Action

If you want to make it big as a super affiliate, quit your job and live “the life”, then pay attention.

It took me about 6 months with affiliate marketing before I MADE A SINGLE SALE. I went month after month, after month beating my head to the wall with no results to show for it.

I wanted to quit my job SO BAD I could taste it. I bought ebook, after ebook, participated on forums, asked questions. Applied what I learned.

Even though I was not making a single cent I knew I was growing on THE INSIDE. The more action I took, the more I learned, the more my belief in myself grew. I saw other people give up so easily. I knew if I did what 99% of people were unwilling to do, one day I would live like only 99% of people could only dream of living.

Eventually I started making sales and my believe level started to skyrocket. The more I believed the more action I took, the more action I took the more I believed, until I hit the tipping point where my affiliate income exploded.

You gotta take action EVERYDAY, even if it’s only 30mins or 1 hour, towards your dream. If you take a month off or even just a week off, you’ll lose momentum.

Lesson #2: Dream BIG

Your dream has to be:

  1. Detailed: Write down exactly how much you need to make to quit your job (I recommend 3X your job income) or whatever your goal may be.
  2. BIG: Your dream should really stretch you. I recommend dreaming an “impossible” dream. Yes something you think is impossible for you. It’s called shooting for the moon.

Now BEFORE you blow me off, hear me out. After almost 6 months of struggling with no sale to show, I wrote down my impossible dream: $10,000/month profit through affiliate marketing (funny thinking about it, $10,000 would not even cover my payroll cost for my company right now).

Anyway, I laughed, $10,000 a month was quite a bit more than I was making at my job at the time. I wrote it on a piece of paper and plastered it all around my office. I mean I hadn’t made a single affiliate sale yet!

Something shifted inside of me, I started making different decisions. A few days after I discovered PPC affiliate marketing and gave up trying to do SEO with my own site. One thing lead to another and 4 months later I made $10,000 profit in the month of Dec 2005.

Lesson #3: BURN Your Bridges

About 2 week after I had handed in my resignation at my job, the merchant I was promoted had to change some aspects of his offer, as a result conversion rates dropped and my income went from $20,000 a month to ZERO OVERNIGHT.

I had 2 weeks left at my job. I had bragged to my co-workers that I was no longer working there and I had entered the land of the living, never to work a job again!

I had a choice:

  1. I could throw in the towel. Drop to my knees and beg for my job back. Get never ending scorn and ridicule from my coworkers. Admit to myself I was foolish and deluded to think I could get free with this affiliate stuff.
  2. Burn my bridges, suck it up, and make it happen. Refuse to go back to my job and do everything in my power to breathe life back into my affiliate business.

We’ll you know what choice I made😉

For the next 30 days I worked my ass off to get my affiliate profits UP. I managed to get them up to $8k a month profit. More than enough to cover my living expenses and more than I had made at my job.

Yea, $8k a month is not exactly rich, but I had now developed a skill that could make me rich! In fact, just 6 months from that point I went from making $8k a MONTH profit to $2k a DAY profit, and I never looked back.

Another tip here: I hadn’t quit my job until 1) I had paid off all my consumer debt 2) my affiliate income was 3X my job income. That way if disaster struck (as it did) I would have more time and flexibility to turn things around.

Lesson #4: Build a Team

It’s amazing how many affiliates I talk to that do EVERYTHING on their own. Everything from: building their websites, writing content, book keeping for their business, Photoshop, etc, etc.

Now even if you’re a web design wizard who loves to sit down and write article after article for your site. By NOT outsourcing your bottlenecking your business and your PROFITS. There’s only so much you can do in a day.

Doing everything on your own can quickly turn into a BAD job. Why quit your day job just to trade it for what could be an even worse job. If you don’t build your affiliate business right, it can become a really bad job.

I’ve known affiliates that worked 10 hours a day. Affiliates that wouldn’t go on vacations because they were worried that their income would take a hit!

Not exactly living “the life”, if you know what I mean!?!

If your goal is to make more and more profits while working less and less you need to build a team. For starters you want:

  1. A good content writer, who can produce quality unique content for your website
  2. A skilled web designer that can create sites and landing pages for you

I recommend using a service like to hire, Elance is my personal favorite, but there are manyother sites where you can find quality people.

Once you find the right people and free up the grunt work you’ll be able to focus much more time on the creative aspect of the business: focus on the marketing, copy, campaigns, etc.

Not only that you’ll also be MUCH happier.

When I built a team of just a few people within a few months I saw my income skyrocket-that’s how I got from $8k/month to $2k/day😉

Building a team is a CRITICAL skill if you ever want to jump to the merchant side.

Lesson #5: Think Long Term

One of the BIGGEST mistakes you can make as an affiliate is assume once you have one strong profitable offer running that it is somehow going to last forever. You can let it run and go on vacation for a month!

Nothing lasts forever, especially an affiliate campaign!

If you want a long-term affiliate marketing business, you need a long-term strategy. You need to have a process to:

  1. Continually improve and expand your marketing efforts
  2. Promote new offers
  3. Create a system to grow your business on a consistent basis

If you don’t have a system in place, you’re dead in the water. You might make a bunch of money for a few months, even a year, but it won’t last.

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