How To Monetize Your Parked Domain

Parked Domain YieldKit

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How To Monetize Your Parked Domain

Most people think of buying domains in order to build websites. This is the usual reason to purchase a domain, but there are other possibilities as well. It is also possible to make money on parked domains. This simply refers to domains that are “parked” with a domain parking company. This may or may not be the same company from whom you purchased the domain, as some domain registrars also handle parking.


Why would you want to keep a domain parked? Some people invest in domain names in order to resell them at a later date. If you are a domain investor, you may want to earn some money on your parked domains until they sell. Another reason to park a domain might be that you changed your mind about building a website. Perhaps you decided to build a site in another niche. Still another reason might be that you found a certain website wasn’t working out for you and it simply wasn’t worth the trouble to maintain it. Whatever your reason, there are several ways to monetize a parked domain.

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The Rise And Rise Of The Parent Blogger

mum blogger

The Rise And Rise Of The Mommy Blogger

From new moms to stay-at-home dads, the parent blogger is a positively modern phenomenon. Passionate, opinionated and creative, mom and dad blogs are a huge growth area in 2013. In the UK, the Mumsnet Bloggers Network is a busy, thriving hub of user generated content, news and opinions, and it’s just one of hundreds of similar networks around the world.


Not only is blogging a fantastic outlet for parents – many of whom may feel isolated – it’s also a vital source of income in tough economic times. Parents blog to overcome depression, save money, maintain personal interests or share experiences with others coming to terms with the responsibilities they face.


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The Importance Of Breadcrumbs For SEO

breadcrumbs yieldkit seoThe Importance Of Breadcrumbs For SEO

In fairy tales, characters are able to find their way back by leaving a trail of candy or bread. Sometimes, other people or animals eat those crumbs and hi-jinx ensue. On the Internet, you can’t eat breadcrumbs, but they’re just as helpful for finding where you are. Breadcrumbs show the hierarchy of any page on a website, but they offer more than just guidance for visitors. Take a look at sites like Amazon or eBay, both of which use breadcrumbs. This function also help your SEO efforts.

What does a Breadcrumb look like?

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Top Blogging Tool For Exposure

YieldKit Top ToolsTop Tools To Give Your Blog More Reach

As affiliates we are always looking for new tools that will help us increase our reach and let more and more people see our site every single day. When we write a blog post we have to let people access it. Finding a blog can be tricky, but with some hard work and dedication it is all possible.


There are many ways that we can increase exposure, just by doing small steps in certain programs or tools that will help us increase our productivity.


Some of the tools I use have taken me a long time to understand and develop. I have spent hours, going through them and looking to see if their is a function that no other program has that will help me increase reach.


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Removing Stress – Affiliate Networks

Removing Stress – Affiliate Networks


Creating an online business is like riding a bike. It takes time, dedication and practice. When you are smaller you think you know what to expect, you see yourself riding that bike, but when the time comes it isn’t always that easy.  You make mistakes, you fall, but the ultimate challenge is finding a way to get back on that bike and continue riding, even if you keep falling.


This course of action can be applied to many affiliates out there. They see the glits and glamour and they want to be apart of it. But truth be told, many people don’t understand the hard work it takes to fulfill your goals and to not be detered in this industry. The people who create a real online business are the ones who find a solution to all problems.


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YieldWord 2 Is Here

YieldWord 2 YieldKitThe New and Improved YieldWord 2


Now you can easily earn money as a publisher. Link to products and keywords throughout your content. It’s never been easier.


We have been spending a lot of time configuring and updating our YieldWord system and we are proud to release YieldWord 2.


Our system now offers you access to thousands of products in different niche verticals. Our links are improved and will direct the user to exact product matches.


Change your affiliate model and give your users a great browsing experience that you can monetize from.


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Squirrly SEO Tool


SEO Tool That Helps…A Lot



‘When a person loses his or her mental stability. (A variation on going nuts or crazy)
Right after the couple broke up, she got all squirrely.’ –


Well maybe Squirrly isn’t nuts, but it sure is going to go crazy in the SEO world.


SEO isn’t only important with large website and big businesses, it is important for every page and site on the entire internet.


Have you ever wondered why some of your pages were not ranking so well on Google? Did you optimize everything, every elemtent of your page? You never know, you may have missed some things out.


There are so many tools out there to help us get our pages known and to solve these smaller problems, but there is one tool that stands out above the rest…SQUIRRLY



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The Online Relationship Marketing Paradigm

The Online Relationship Marketing Paradigm

The internet and predominantly social media has given a paradigm shift in the way we interpret marketing and has pushed us into the second phase of Relationship Marketing.

1.        The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected, or the state of being connected. 

The principal of relationship marketing was first noted by Berry (1983). He noticed a stagnancy in banking, and gave way for a new form of trust in customer relations.

‚attracting, maintaining and enhancing client relationships’

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Balancing Your Blogging For Conversions

Balancing Your Blogging For Conversions

I have been blogging for a while now, and during my journey I have watched others succeed and fail in different aspects of their blogging campaigns. Some are great at writing informative content, others are good at marketing their blogs on social media, others are good at building connections and creating an organic social circle. But many find it hard to continuously work all of these areas.

I bring this point up as many people see the blogging and affiliate world as two separate entities. People feel if their blog has good content and that they have an affiliate campaign that they will automatically make money. Others have tools like YieldKit installed but they have no exposure to the outside world and they wonder why clicks are not happening.


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Q&A – Publisher Platforms with YieldKit

Question and Answer – What Publisher Platforms Work Best With YieldKit? 

As an affiliate marketing tool we can be used and integrated with a myriad of platforms and concepts. We are not the standard affiliate concept that many of you may be aware of, we are something different.

As most of you probably know we convert key words and old links into affiliate ones, meaning when a user of your site clicks on the link and buys the product linked to them, you then receive a nice healthy reward for your troubles of hosting the link.

But a question we get a lot is, where exactly can we be installed?

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