HackFWD Helps And A Tiny Teaser

Education and Information from HackFWD + A Tiny Teaser 

Most of you probably know about YieldKit since you’re reading this blog. We are an affiliate marketing company looking to mix things up and be a true player within the affiliate industry. Our goals have always been to aim high. You want to know how high?
‚Enabling people and organizations around the world to monetize their online assets to their fullest potential.’

That’s how high. It takes time to meet your goals, but how are we doing it?

When developing a startup model it can be hard creating a storm in a somewhat full and developed niche. These storms take time, they take time to build, to create a disturbance and then for that big flash of thunder that makes you go ‚wow’

The good thing for current and potential YieldKit users is that our storm is brewing nicely. It’s now at the stage where we can feel the electricity in the air, the hairs on our neck are beginning to stand on end.

How does a startup create this electricity though? How do you know you are doing the right thing?

As a lot of you may also know, YieldKit has now completed its Stage A Seed Funding Round. This round not only generated us money to develop our ideas, but it also gave us an element that not many companies in the world have – expert advice.

Yesterday YieldKit introduced HackFWD to our new ‚’storm in the sky’ (more to be revealed at a later date) to find out the truth and learn from them.

Sitting down with the members of HackFWD is always an honor, and it is something all entrepreneurs should try to do (not just with the HackFWD team) but with a bunch of people who have knowledge and a good understanding of this climate. Nothing hits home harder than when you have some great business minds sat in front of you, asking you testing questions that make your brain feel like its having the workout of its life. But that’s a fact. Learning in person, with people who know what they’re doing is (for me anyway) the number 1 way of learning how to grow and develop. Not only as a company but as an individual set inside a team.

Having ‚outsiders’ view not only your product, but your working style and conditions can greatly develop your company/person. Here are some examples of things you can do to change the atmosphere and understand your team better.

Instance 1 :- 
For all those years you have had your team sat in the same places. Now move them. Make them change desks and rooms. Sit by new people in your area. Something this small and insignificant could greatly impact work development. New bonds are formed, new friendships. People who have never really talked about certain topics may interact and bounce new ideas off of one another in an alternative and abstract way. Fresh and crazy thought patterns could develop and your product could take a massive turn.

Instance 2:- 
Always thinking ahead. Sometimes we sit and stagnate in our walls and the mind focuses on areas that may not be significant to real development even if you think so. Take time to change your thoughts. Take a good step back from what you are doing and think about the impact it is having in your climate. Is it market changing? Will it disrupt a competition heavy field. If not why not. How can you?

Instance 3:- 
Be a team. It sounds so simple, but being one coherent unit who all have the same goals and achievements creates a much better working environment. To put it simply, does everyone know everything about everything. Even in a flat hierarchy transparency can reduce. People focus on their tasks, and the only information you are being fed is through a computer screen. Take a moment to talk.

Now many people and companies do this, but why not take a moment now to try one of these steps with your company and work from the feedback. Never be afraid of change. Never be afraid of listening and adapting because it might just save your business.

These ideas are just ideas, and these aren’t things HackFWD told us to do directly. But they put these thoughts into my head. Having a team of leading experts throw you out of your comfort zone opens up a completly new outlook on the future. Not of just your product, but of the market and how the world is moving.

Rob Walker.