Guest Post – SEO with Twitter Search Engine

How SEO Works for Twitter Search Engine ?

Twitter has become more like a search engine. People use hash tags for them to build on the popularity of certain tags or keywords. In this article, we will discuss on some techniques on how you can be visible for a certain keyword on Twitter.

How to Rank on Twitter Search with the Hash Tag Madness

1. Categorize Your Tweets with Hash Tags

Twitter employs two useful symbols. One is the “@” (at) sign which mentions names of users and notifies people included in the tweet. The other one is the “#” (hash) which identifies trends that spread information like wildfire. With the hash tag tool, people can easily search and locate tweets which have the same hash tag. When several users used the same keywords with the hash, these keywords top as a trend in Twitter.

2. Use Hash Tags Judiciously

Introducing hash tags and including them randomly in your tweets won’t make a big and great difference. This will spark interest of people on Twitter. But once they read your tweet and found out that the keyword has no exact relevance to the topic they are looking for, they will not bother to dig into your profile further. Also, don’t enter too many hash tags in a tweet, as this might be overkill. Just tag a word or two you think are most important in representing the theme of your message.

3. Use Unique and Well-defined Hash Tags

Sometimes, you have so many words on top of your head you think will be effective to pass flying colors in Twitter’s trending topics. If you are unsure of which to choose, go with the most obvious ones. It does not matter if your keywords are short. Without spaces, you can have three words joined together to define your brand, your latest products and other promotions. You can run an online contest and have followers and those in their network join and use the same identifiable hash tag. Produce a unique hash and have it connect to your name.

hashtag4. Keep Your Tweets On-topic

Segregate your personal Twitter account to your business Twitter account. Don’t ever tweet emo messages to your followers in the business account because the truth is they are not into your life. They followed you because of your products/services. The key is to stay focused in your niche and publish related tweets regularly. Stuff your tweets with contents that consist of rich keywords and links. As much as the hash tags, these will help in ranking your tweet well.

5. Optimize your bio

Aside from utilizing the hash tags, optimizing your bio with vital information about yourself or your business is extremely recommended. Meta description in your bio has bigger chances of appearing in the results pages of search engines than those in a tweet. Also, you win more credibility and authority points when the very keywords people search for are found in your bio. Before scrolling down to your tweets, your bio is one that gets to be read. It’s a hit or miss chance, a decision point for people to follow (or un-follow) you on Twitter, so consider taking this box to your advantage.


Hash tags mark keywords and determine the trend in Twitter. They centralize and reinforce your intentions and drive the conversations joined in by many users back to your account. If you’re a business, your brand as a popular trend in Twitter is an added advantage. You have the power to create brand awareness and have more leads to be directed to your website. You can engage with more users and correspondingly have increased chances of conversion.

Author bio:

+Tony Evans is a freelance web designer, an alumna of Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Athena. She has a passion in Aerobics and cooking healthy recipes.